The first wine-escapegame of the Netherlands

Puzzle, discover and taste;

Are you able to solve the mystery of The Lost Wine?

The Story

The Von Traub family used to make Germany’s best wine, untill jealous competitors released a dissease in their vinyards. From that moment on, there were no succesfull harvests anymore and the once famous wine, including the secret family recipe, disappeared into history. 

Paul von Traub, heir to the family, recently discovered a bottle of the long Lost Wine, including some envelopes. This bottle turns out to be locked and he desperately needs help to open it. Can you help to crack the code? When this is done, we are sure you can help to taste the wine in order to retrieve the secret recipe!

What to expect

Unlock the Bottle is an escapegame /home mystery. You will receive a box including the Lost Wine, six envelopes and three attributes. With your team, you have to crack the code to open the bottle of wine, after which you continue puzzling and offcourse have to taste the wine to solve the mystery. The game offers a complete activity at home (or outside), and will take between 90 and 115 minutes. The only thing you need are some glasses…

The Lost Wine is manually assembled and meant for one-time use.

about the wine

The Lost Wine contains a bottle of white wine (75 cl). this wine is specially selected for the game, in collaboration with our Partner “Hidden Wines”. The wine is produced biologically and of good quality (90/100).

The wine is part of the game and will be tasted around halfway in the game. If you want to have some drinks up till then, we advise you to enjoy a dry, white wine, like Verdejo of Sauvignon Blanc. 

Cooperative game for 1-6 players

Contains a bottle of wine and is thereby suitable for players above 18

Manually assembled with multiple puzzles and attributes

90-115 Minutes of fun with puzzles ans tasting


Unlike other escape room games, it is not just a puzzle, but challenging and varied assignments where the use of all senses is required to ”escape”


We had a lot of fun. The attributes are surprising and special. Very original. The puzzles were challenging and the added element of wine tasting was also really cool. The wine was also recommended.


The game was really well put together, exciting, challenging and full of surprises. We had a great evening!