This game can be very challenging and sometimes you can use some help. In this section you can find some hints to help you get going!


When you are stuck at envelope B, open ENVELOPE B: HINT 1
Always start with hint no. 1. Need an extra hint? Open no. 2, etc.

Envelope A: Hint 1

Who wrote the letters in the diary? Read the last paragraph of the start-letter very careful.

Envelope a: Hint 2

Who is Grapy? Annika is Paul’s grandmother, she hears her father in law talking to his brother (Grapy). Who is the little brother of Annika’s father in law?

Envelope A: Hint 3

Did you find Grapy’s name? (Victor) Use this name, don’t look for it. Use the letters of Victor and the first symbol will appear.

Envelope A: Hint 4

Color the letters of the name Viktor. Alle squares with a V, I, K. T. O and R. then a symbol will appear. Remember this symbol and continue to envelope B!

Envelope B: Hint 1

Carefully read the diary. Do you see a peculiar pattern? Arrange the strips and read the text. 


Envelope B: Hint 2

In the diary you can find colors. Arrange the strips in the right order and use the card printed with a wine cask. 

Envelope B: Hint 3

Fold / bend the barrel correctly (what shape is a barrel?) And with the correct thickness. TIP: There is a red line at the end of the barrel, which number should you place it on? See what symbol is formed on the outside of the vessel.

Envelope B: Hint 4

The barrel has a thickness of 9, fold the end with the red stripe on the line of the 9. Then the card forms a barrel. You will see the numbers on the inside of the barrel and the symbols on the outside. Which symbol have you formed now? Please remember this and go to the next Envelope!



You should now have found 2 symbols. Read the diary from envelope C carefully! Annika has seen Grapy doing many strange acts! Maybe he was already locking the bottle by hiding secrets?

Envelope C: Hint 2

You must try to imitate the strange actions of Grapy. You may need EVERYTHING in the box! I FIREY hope you can do it!

Envelope c: Hint 3

There was a wire tied to the bottle, with the starting letter attached to it. This iron wire is not just any wire! This is a magical thread. Grapy has a secret message hidden in here, which can only be revealed by FIRE!

Grab the iron wire, bend it completely straight and run it through a flame, back and forth. What do you see happening?

Envelope C: Hint 4

Have you seen the message from the wire? (8 of diamonds or 7 of hearts). Take this card from the box with playing cards. Then Grape placed, on the back of the card, a blank sheet of (white) paper and gently scratched the back of the card. Which symbol do you see appear? Make sure you don’t turn the card upside down!

Unlock the bottle: Hint 1

Now that you have found all 3 symbols, you can try to “Unlock” the bottle. But you can’t do anything with symbols yet…

Unlock the bottle: Hint 2

EVERYTHING in the box or on the bottle can be part of the game!

Unlock the bottle: Hint 3

Take a good look at the wine bottle label!

Unlock the bottle: Hint 4

The LABEL can be peeled off, here you will see a decoding table. Make the correct number code from your found symbols! Note: the order is important!

Envelope I: Hint 1

YES! The wine bottle is open! Open Envelope I. Please wait a while with tasting and do not open the next envelope until you have solved the 1st one.

Where was the wine harvested? Which place? Enter the answer on the website!

Envelope I: Hint 2

You see a map of Germany. BRNO 3, how wide is the circle?

Envelope I: Hint 3

BRNO‘s circle is 3 wide. (see ruler at the bottom of the map) The circle of Cologne should be 4 wide. Where do most circles intersect?

Envelope II: Hint 1

It’s time to pour the wine! You have taken a wine wheel from Envelope II. Follow the steps: Climate, color, scent and aroma. What is the Aroma of the wine?

Envelope II: Hint 2

Smelling and tasting is difficult, sometimes you think of something and then you taste it. Therefore, follow the steps and start with the climate, then a lot of options will already fall (3 quarters of the answers). Then you look at the color, do this as described in the letter. This leaves you with only 2 options for the scent, after which you have 2 options for the taste / aroma.

Envelope II: Hint 3

The climate can be found on the world map, where was the wine harvested? To determine the color, it is important to look carefully into the glass from above with a white background. If you know the right climate, there are only 2 options left in terms of color.

Then you start to smell, here too there are only 2 possibilities. Read the wine information from Envelope II again, it may contain something that can help you!

Now you can taste, here too there are only 2 possibilities! Read the wine information from Envelope II again, it may contain something that can help you!




Envelope III: Hint 1

Grapy has left many riddles. To determine how long the wine has matured, he wrote several riddles on notes. Can you find out how many months the wine has matured?

TIP: The cards are easier to read in a way!

Envelope III: Hint 2

The cards have a front and back! On the front is a question / statement, on the back a hint to the correct answer. Some questions / statements are incorrect, and neither is the hint!

Envelope III: Hint 3

1 ticket is perhaps the most important! The back of this card shows the possible number of months the wine has matured. By writing these numbers down and eliminating you can find the correct number! Keep an eye on! So there are also wrong answers that will fool you! So check carefully whether the question / statement is correct!

END: Hint 1

Congratulations, you should now have an answer to all 3 questions to find out the secret recipe. Enter this on our website and see if it is good!

Is there an answer wrong? Then take a good look back!

Are all answers correct? Then Paul will thank you personally by means of a video message! PAY ATTENTION! watch the message completely!